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Flight Zero


And 1 day solar cooking takes off. ..


L’odyssée culinaire Solar Cooking Explorer ne fait que commencer !

Ancre Film FlightZ



Takeoff from Dole (Jura) on June 1, 2021 at 7:23 a.m.

Solar cooking carried out between 800 and 1400 m altitude in the largest open kitchen in the world

Sole Soufflée with Langoustines

We have been ready for several months but the weather windows are too uncertain. Finally this one is taking shape, on May 31 the crew and the technical team meet at Cameron Ballon France in order to carry out the last tests of the nacelle layout on the ground as well as check the hundred points on the checklist. We carry out a flight briefing, quite concentrated, the pressure builds, we have been waiting for this moment for almost two years. Last weather update, the lights are green. The day promises to be hot so takeoff must take place early in the morning to avoid thermal currents, the sun's rays are weaker in the morning, the power of the cooking dishes reduced and the chances of success therefore uncertain. We decide to try the performance anyway. The team decides to give it a try.

What could be more symbolic for us and our project than taking off from the hometown of Louis Pasteur. It is 6:45 a.m. when the aircraft is installed at the takeoff site, two technical teams are busy inflating and transforming the nacelle into a flying kitchen. The sun's rays are starting to shine.

7:23 a.m., everything is ready, let's go for the adventure, Olivier in charge, Jean-Baptiste and Benjamin in the kitchen and Thomas has video and sound. The balloon slowly flies into the sky, we start to cook. The numerous training sessions carried out on the ground on the recipe help us because circumstances can easily cause us to lose track. Olivier takes care to align the hot air balloon and the parabola in the full axis of the viewfinders, impressive mastery, it's great art. Benjamin works directly on the fine langoustine stuffing, Jean-Baptiste on the langoustine stock and the potato cannons, also cooked directly. It's 7:55 a.m. and we see steam coming from the lid of the pans, it's an immense joy, it works. This is followed by reduction of the aroma, turning of the mushrooms and cooking of the filling. The beautiful sole is deboned by Jean Baptiste then stuffed by Benjamin then cooked briefly. the landscape is splendid, the view from the open kitchen breathtaking; During this time the potato cannons are packed and put on low heat (by vertically offsetting the parabolas). the sun's rays are increasingly strong and the extra cooking time for the sole (65°c) is reached in 16 minutes of cooking. It’s 8:42 a.m. The sole is removed then trimmed, the stock reduction is mixed with butter. the dish is prepared with undisguised joy. The team comes to carry out the first solar cooking in flight, what a joy!

Olivier lowers the aircraft and keeps the balloon 50/100 meters above the ground for 30 minutes, the shadow of the balloon and the satellite dishes hovers over the wheat fields, during this time the cooks prepare the plates and the tasting begins, it's is a real delight! the landing will soon take place, the kitchen is returned to maximum security position, everything is harnessed, packed, tied up. Everyone is focused, Olivier sets the hot air balloon down like a feather and the crew quickly gets to work dismantling the dishes before the gondola lists. the balloon deflates, lies down, we are now on land but let's keep our heads in the stars.

We've all just done something huge, a big culinary leap into the future. It will take us several days to realize…. that we are already working on the next project!

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