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Solar Cooking Everywhere


Bake with zero footprint. ..


Solar Cooking


Bake with zero footprint..

Cuire à empreinte zéro...

A tout commencement...

...Il y a le Soleil et ses rayons


L’odyssée culinaire Solar Cooking Explorer...

Approprions nous ce bond en avant technologique,

avec du matériel qui nous permet de cuisiner à empreinte 0 ...

Grace à une énergie abondante et gratuite.

Découvrons le plaisir...dans l’acte de cuire avec le soleil comme source de chaleur.

Il y a en moyenne 1500 à 1700 heures d’ensoleillement par an en France …

Et autant de temps de cuisson solaires en perspectives,

de quoi préparer pas mal de bons petits plats !


Bake to imprint 0

What if we were cooking where the ecological footprint of the cooking energy was 0 and the CO2 emissions were 0? For several years, avant-gardists have developed cooking tools that directly capture the sun's rays for cooking.

Despite some drawbacks, this process remains a major advance for the human species, the day we learned to cook directly with the sun, using free and abundant energy. The equipment has greatly improved in recent years and now easily allows very good quality cooking.

Its implementation is very simple, provided there is sunshine. the outside temperature has no impact in winter or summer on all solar stoves.

What audience, what benefits, what use?

Potential users are those who cook food and benefit from sunshine, regardless of temperatures, everywhere on Earth.

In developed countries where ecological sensitivity is relatively present, residents who feel concerned are looking for more virtuous behaviors in order to reduce their impact on the environment. The first benefit is the awareness and the ecological act of cooking with an O footprint, the second economic.

In developing and emerging countries where education/awareness has not yet made it possible to awaken a large public to global environmental issues, the first benefit is economic. This allows them to easily access a free resource for cooking.

For everyone, the implementation of solar cooking by millions of users will have the direct consequence of reducing the use of fossil and electric energy as well as reducing deforestation for use as fuel for cooking.


Where can we use it?


Everywhere on earth from the North Pole to the South Pole. In town on south-facing balconies, roof terraces. Outside of cities where space is clear…that leaves room!

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When ?


From January 1 to December 31, summer and winter as long as there is sunshine

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The equipment is inoperable at night and in the absence of sunlight linked to clouds

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Cuisson solaire                                        Mode d'emploi...

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